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The Discipline Inspection Commission published the name of a big tiger: corrupt a city


Bitter experience in order to alert the future. Wei Minzhou, Zhao Hongzhi, Li Yimin, Li Dayou et al. Seriously violated discipline and law, the political and economic problems are intertwined, the ideal and faith are lost and there is no party principle. Serious, social impact is very bad. Wei Minzhou series of corruption cases revealed that Xi'an has obvious problems with party governance, political ecology, cadre style and development environment. Profound lessons learned Wei series of corruption cases, not only to mirror it, the alarm bells ringing, but also on the responsibility to raise awareness, improve the station, conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the 19 major party to Xi Jinping era of socialism with Chinese characteristics Guiding ideology, take a good atmosphere, promote the development of one side.

Revelation one: to gather together, take the path of economic development. Wei Minzhou and others are interested in smug and cheesy. They not only cheat on the project, but also make tremendous efforts to accumulate wealth. Moreover, their performance values are seriously distorted. They are keen on making superficial writings and engaging in short-term behavior, lacking long-term plans for the development of Xi'an and severely restricting Xi'an Normal investment and healthy development. To draw lessons from the Wei Minzhou series of corruption cases, we must always be "three-stringent and true", identify the right coordinates for the new era, implement the new development concept, and focus on strengthening party building. We must strictly and strictly control the party, Implement the leadership, lead, organization and appeal of development, plan and implement the road of development and rejuvenation, and promote the overall improvement of economic and social development in Xi'an.

Revelation two: to gather together text, conditioning the development of the city plate. Xian rich historical and cultural heritage, red gene extension inheritance. But Wei Min Chau, who have no cultural self-confidence, "throw away to find food to eat golden rice bowl", relying on real estate extension and expansion to house to collect money in order to collect money, resulting in the city personality failed, livable weakening. To eliminate the drug trafficking in Weizhou Island, we must firmly establish cultural confidence, seize the opportunity of building a good national urban agglomeration, make full use of the unique cultural resource endowments, transform cultural resources into development advantages, build and operate "cultural Xi'an" and dedicate it to the world and the people Livable Xi'an full of cultural charm.

Revelation three: to gather together, live a technological innovation pawn. Wei Minzhou et al., Despite the stamina of their career development, selected cadres as cronyss and helped to build "small circles" and formed the adverse effect of "bad money driving away good money". To draw lessons from the Wei Minzhou series of corruption cases, we must regard talent as the first strategic resource to operate, take innovation as the first impetus to development, establish a career-oriented ethos, correct the system of employing people, revolve around the "One Belt, One Road" and supply Side structural reforms and the construction of a free trade area. Targeted tactics are employed to attract top talents at home and abroad, and national and leading-level leaders gather in the highlands and rely on scientific and technological innovation to promote transformation and development.

Revelation four: to clean government officials, build strong all-round development team. During his tenure as a member of Xi'an during the Wei Minzhou administration, he was accused of party, government and discipline handling. Some violated the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Government, some of them used for votes and votes, seriously violated political discipline, The lesson is extremely profound. Taking Wei Min Zhou's series of corruption cases as a lesson, we must not forget the initial attitude, keep in mind the mission, take the political construction as the guideline, take the firm ideal and faith as the foundation, persist in the correct selection and employment orientation, choose the strong leadership team and bring out a loyalty Cleanly serve as a contingent of leading cadres in order to set an example and promote development. They should carry firmly the political responsibility of governing the party and the party and forge the municipal party committee as a leading collective with strong political command and ability. They will unswervingly push forward the development of the party in strict compliance with its own rules and regulations.

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